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The Importance of Saving Your Medical Bills and other Documents After A Motorcycle

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Having a motorcycle accident can be a terrible experience. It can leave you severely injured with mounding medical bills and substantial expenses for property repairs to your motorcycle. During all this chaos, many people do not think about saving their medical bills or hospital records. Instead, they focus on getting better or hoping that their loved ones who have been injured in the accident get better. While some individuals begin to worry about all the expenses associated with the accident and others contemplate filing a lawsuit against the other party, most do not begin accumulating and saving their records and other documents relating to the accident.

There are three types of records that you should begin saving after a motorcycle accident. The first type includes all your medical bills. Hospitals generally allow patients to order copies of their hospital records, including all tests that were completed and how much everything cost the individual. This demonstrates the severity of your injuries to either your insurance company or the court. The second type includes anything that documents your loss of income from your inability to work. After an accident, many individuals need to take time off work in order to heal and rehabilitate. Documentation from your employer or missed timesheets would be sufficient to prove your loss of income. The third type includes information regarding the extent of your property damage. If your motorcycle has been damaged from the accident, proof of how much it will cost you to repair those damages would be helpful to your case.

Saving the evidence of everything that happened to you and how much it costs is critical not only for anticipated litigation buy also for negotiating settlement offers with your insurance company. After you report the accident, your insurance company will begin contacting you to learn more about the accident. You will be able to save much time if you already have these documents at the ready. It is also important to start gathering and saving these files so that you can have them ready for when you hire and retain a personal injury attorney. Many individuals who were in a motorcycle accident hire an attorney either because they immediately want to initiate a lawsuit to get compensation for their injuries or because their insurance company is not offering a settlement amount that the individual feels is appropriate.

An attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle injury cases will be able to advise you on how your case will likely proceed in the court system. The attorney will work in your favor to identify liability on the part of the other party to maximize the value of your or your loved one’s compensation award. In the court of law, the responsibility of the judge or jury is to make the injured individual or injured individuals whole again. This is generally accomplished by awarding those injured individuals compensatory damages—damages that are intended to compensate for personal injured sustained, loss of employment income, and property repairs. Therefore, having clear and ascertainable proof of these injuries, the extent of your injuries, and the expected amount of repairs to your motorcycle will ensure that you are awarded the highest compensation amount possible from the accident.

Your attorney can also help you negotiate with your insurance company. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of individuals by pressuring them to accept low settlement offers to compensate them for their injuries. But in doing so, the individuals may be missing out on substantially more compensation. Your attorney can ensure that your insurance company is treating you fairly. Alternatively, if the insurance company refuses to cooperate, your attorney will be able to litigate your case before the judge or jury. In all cases, the presence of any and all medical records, proof of loss of income, and expenses for the property repair would be needed.

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