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Why It Is Important to Wait Before Fixing Your Motorcycle

motorcycle repairs

A motorcycle accident is a scary event that can create much uncertainty about an individual’s future in terms of medical costs, ability to work, emotional pain and suffering, and other impairments to one’s quality of life. Plus, dealing with all the questions from your insurance company afterwards or contemplating filing a lawsuit can be stressful and confusing. Questions regarding the extent of your personal injuries and property damage to your motorcycle will be the key topics of discussion next to issues of fault. When contemplating motorcycle repairs, it is important to remember to keep your motorcycle in substantially the same position as it was at the time of accident. In this blog post, we discuss the reasons why this is so important.

When the accident has inflicted serious property damage to your motorcycle, people often wonder if their insurance will pay for this. This can depend on the type of coverage an individual has on their motorcycle. If the individual has some type of collision insurance coverage on their motorcycle, the individual must submit a claim to their insurance company. Remember to never admit fault or responsibility for the accident, as this can cause your potential compensation to be significantly reduced or completely forfeited. Benign questions such as “what was the day, date, and time of the accident” are fine to answer without fear of having your recovery amount reduced or forfeited. Additional questions such as “what were the weather conditions like on the day of the accident” may also be answered with little fear. However, questions such as “who do you believe is most at fault for the accident,” “were you heeding all traffic laws,” or “were you under the influence of any alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident” should never be answered. It is perfectly fine to tell your insurance company that you will proceed with the questioning with your attorney.

Immediately after the accident—assuming you are well enough to think and act clearly and have not been seriously injured—take photographs of the motorcycle and the resulting damage. Many people are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to take pictures and videos of the accident. People are also making use of the voice recording function on their mobile devices, which allows individuals to record exactly what they see such as injuries, property damage, traffic lights, weather conditions, etc. With respect to taking pictures of your motorcycle, make sure the pictures depict the extent of the damage. For instance, if your motorcycle has several dents, take a close-up picture of the dent as well as a picture that captures the entire motorcycle. In addition to taking pictures of your motorcycle, also take pictures of your clothing. Some individuals who have been injured in a motorcycle accident have their clothing worn away from being dragged along with payment. Taking pictures of your torn, broken, and sometimes bloody clothes can bolster the severity of your accident and the amount of your recovery.

After the accident, if your motorcycle is in a position that presents a current danger to other vehicles or pedestrians, move the motorcycle or its pieces to a safe location. Other than that, do not touch the motorcycle. It is important that you preserve the motorcycle in its accident condition—this will be important later on as supporting evidence of your claim with either your insurance company or your legal lawsuit. Preserving your motorcycle means not fixing it, not having it inspected or moved, and not throwing away damaged parts. The above pictures, videos, and voice recordings can be used to show your insurance company or the court proof of the accident.

In all cases, if you are having trouble negotiating with your insurance company or have qualms about communicating with your insurance company, or if you are considering filing a personal injury or property damage lawsuit, consult an attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases.

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